2024 Leadership Ouachita Application




PURPOSE: To develop and empower the emerging leaders of northeast Louisiana to transform the region into a place recognized as one of the best places to live and do business.PROCESS: Focus the efforts of the class on Workforce Development and Infrastructure. During the 2024 program year, participants will be expected to:

Attend all sessions in their entirety (more than 2 absences during the year will remove you from the program)

Attend the opening retreat (required, no absence allowed)

Complete all assignments prior to the sessions as assigned

Engage with other participants

Participate during sessions with key leaders and classmates



  1. Participants are given information on each program prior to the session.
  2. Each session is a facilitated discussion with class members and issue leaders.
  3. Study circles are used as the primary source of learning. These become working groups on specific issues. Working groups will develop solutions on their community issues.
  4. Ideas are generated and collected by the class.
  5. Graduation is an event where solutions are celebrated.